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Project Manager

Casper, WY, USA

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

1. SITE CLEANLINESS: Trash/Debris removed or secured in dumpster throughout
the day and at the end of the day. Know the ordinances on construction debris.
2. ADDRESS SAFETY CONCERNS: Boards with nails, trip hazards, fall hazards (tie
offs and harnesses), low clearances, jobs site signage, etc. Ensure these are addressed
immediately and corrected.
What needs to happen next, who needs to be contacted and scheduled, are needed
materials scheduled for delivery and/or on site. Communicate these and confirm receipt
of the information. Here’s what needs completed today or this week, have the foreman
or team member repeat it back to you. BE PROFESSIONAL AND DIRECT!!
TRADES: This is critical for a smooth project. If there is poor communication with the
team or trade partners overall productivity will be affected. If there are differences or
disagreements these need to be handled immediately and directly away from clients or
other team members/trades.
5. ENTER DAILY LOGS FOR EACH PROJECT: Every daily log MUST include
minimum of 5 pictures. Pictures should show - Each room (renovation) or side (new
construction), tasks/work completed, problems or issues, debris dumpster or dump
trailer (secured). This is for insurance purposes and must be documented every night at
roll up.
If you are unable to be at each site at the end of the day please ensure that these
requirements are communicated to the site foreman so he/she may complete them.
Treat the pictures as though they will be used as advertisement. They need to be in
focus, straight, and good resolution. Our clients have access to the daily logs and we
want them to be impressed with what they see.

Pay: Salary: Salary Position - DOE starting at $55,000/yr
Benefits includes: Flexible schedule, PTO (paid time off), Performance based bonuses, Retirement investing & potential to promote within the company.

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Personal Email, Cell Phone, Basic Personal Tools and Reliable transportation are required. 
All Experience/references will be contacted. 
Please list any questions in the comment section of the application.


  • Min. 21yrs old

  • Reliable Transportation

  • Smartphone for timeclock and communication

  • Self-Driven/Motivated

  • Quick Learner

  • Have minimum of 4 years experience in a management position. Must be verifiable.

  • Reliable Transportation

  • Organizational Skills - Time Management

  • Computer Literacy - Ability to learn new programs and scheduling

  • Clear and Precise Communication with employees, trade partners, and clients

  • Materials aquistion

  • Conflict Resolution/Employee Disciplinary Actions

About the Company

We are a full service renovation and new construction contracting company. We perform services such as, framing, insulation, drywall, and numerous other construction related services. Our priorities include high quality products, customer service, and clear communication. We believe that by ensuring our clients have a great experience working with us and by providing high quality products, we will be able to grow and expand our services to become the top renovation contractor in Casper and surrounding areas.

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