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Master Carpenter/Laborer

Casper, WY, USA

Job Type

Part Time

About the Role

Master Carpenter
Success Plan
Job Description - the overall purpose of this position is…
-To effectively construct and/or renovate any project with minimal direction from
the Site Supervisor or Project Manager (PM).
-To assist in educating Apprentice and Journeyman Team members in various
aspects of the construction industry.
-To function as the Site Supervisor in absence of the PM.
Responsibilities - the goals of this position are…
1. Be on time. Early is on time, on-time is late. This saying has been something that
has stuck with us. Be ready to start your day before it’s time to start the day.
2. Provide craftsmanship and complete projects with minimal assistance from the PM.
3. Assist team members in perfecting their craft and assist them in learning new tasks.
Always be looking to help someone better themselves!!!
4. Address and effectively communicate corrective actions as needed within the field
5. Learn the job of the PM and be able to act within that position if needed.
Duties - the day-to-day tasks of this position are.
1. Positive, thankful, can do attitude!
2. Be a team player. Be the person you would want to work for or with.
3. Be familiar with specific job specifications and details.
4. Efficiently and professionally communicate with the team on the project. This
includes JNL Designs team & trade partners.
5. Manage time appropriately and communicate tasks to other team-members.
6. Provide quality control. If it doesn’t look right, it probably isn’t.
7. Assist with teaching new team members on daily processes. (Rolling out/up tools,
job site organizations, safe lifting techniques, safety procedures, etc.)
8. Assist with teaching new team members on different aspects of building &
renovation. Ensure they are providing the level of quality JNL Designs and our
client’s expect.
9. Notify office of unused materials so they may be returned or re-distributed. (Will
need to provide quantities for each item(s).
10. Ensure job site & job trailer (if on site) cleanliness.
11. Effectively problem solve day-to-day issues.
12. Relay any delays or modifications to the Site Foreman.
1. Pay Raise after a satisfactory 60 day evaluation.
2. Yearly bonus based on meeting scheduled project completions with less than 2 call
backs within first year of the position.
3. 2 weeks PTO on anniversary of year.
4. Opportunity to advance to PM or other positions within the company as they
become available or as performance is reviewed.

Pay: DOE starting at $20.00/Hr
Benefits includes: Flexible schedule, PTO (paid time off), Holiday Pay, Performance based wage increases, Retirement investing & potential to promote within the company.

*Click the Apply Now button below to fill out the application.*

Personal Email, Cell Phone, Basic Personal Tools and Reliable transportation are required. 
All Experience/references will be contacted. 
Please list any questions in the comment section of the application.


  • Min. 21yrs old

  • Reliable Transportation

  • Smartphone for timeclock and communication

  • Self-Driven/Motivated

  • Carry up to 50lbs

  • Climb ladders/scaffolding

  • Provide personal handtools (hammer, triangle/speed square, utility knife, gloves, safety glasses)

  • Have minimum of 4 years experience in a construction related job. Must be verifiable.

About the Company

We are a full service renovation and new construction contracting company. We perform services such as, framing, insulation, drywall, and numerous other construction related services. Our priorities include high quality products, customer service, and clear communication. We believe that by ensuring our clients have a great experience working with us and by providing high quality products, we will be able to grow and expand our services to become the top renovation contractor in Casper and surrounding areas.

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